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2022: Authenticity Year-End Review

‘tis the season to be jolly... And we’ve got plenty to be jolly about.

This year was big for authenticity:

Frankli went from a name on a whiteboard to a full-blown product this year! We’ve officially launched on iOS and with our launch, we’ve also started recruiting ambassadors in the realvolution (find out more here).

But it hasn’t just been a big year for us, authenticity has taken on a new importance with the increasing sophistication of generative technologies more broadly. We thought it would be fun to do a 2022 year-end wrap of all the big things that have been happening in the world of authenticity and what we think 2023 will have in store for us.

Let’s begin!

Authenticity is on the rise... but AI is sharp on its tail. This will lead to a further decoupling of content platforms that can be provably authentic and ones that make no effort to do so.

This year we have seen a sharp rise in the power and mass consume-ability of AI. ChatGPT and Lensa AI are both great examples of how image and text AI tools will change industries over the coming years. With Lensa, in a second, someone can change themselves into hyper-realistic cartoon impressions of themselves. ChatGPT’s extremely advanced and natural written conversational ability has the power to change our relationship with the written word… but don’t take it from me, take it from ChatGPT…

“GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a machine learning model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text when provided with a prompt. In the field of marketing, GPT could potentially be used to generate product descriptions, ad copy, or social media posts. It could also be used to write articles or blog posts for websites. This could potentially save time and resources for companies and organisations, as GPT could potentially produce high-quality written content quickly and efficiently. However, it is important to note that GPT is not a replacement for human writers and marketers, and it is likely that any content generated by GPT would still need to be reviewed and edited by human professionals. Additionally, GPT may not be able to fully capture the nuance and creativity that is often required in marketing and writing, and it is important to consider the ethical implications of using such a tool.”

Lensa AI – another fast-growing app – uses AI to transform your pictures into realistic digitalizes of yourself – effectively putting you into the fantasy and fiction we all grew up loving.

In social, influencers have even turned to the unreal... with TikTok sensations, @unreal_keanu and @deeptomcruise becoming popular accounts where the influencers themselves are just hyper-realistic deep-fake imitator of the famous actors. For those who want to dig in more, Creative Bloq compiled a great list of some of the best deep-fakes from this year.

These AI tools can be extremely useful, increasing access and speed of creative production. Deepfakes and synthetic media offer value to cost reduction in media creation but they also pose a threat.

They threaten our ability to trust online media. Not only will chat bots become more advanced, but they will become indistinguishable to human customer experience agents. Similarly, photos and faces can be synthetically generated with high accuracy.

So.. when you can’t be sure you are talking to a person or if that persons picture is fake or real, that poses a threat to authenticity and humanity online.

The rise of Authenticity

With the increase in synthetic media, we have seen a huge trend to platform decoupling. Now, people are activity searching for authentic social experiences (human ones).

BeReal is just one example of an app, built around more authentic picture sharing that has become more important when other socials become overrun by bots and fakes. BeReal grew from 2million to 10million daily active users in 2020 alone!! Good on them.

Of course, BeReal has a second, less palatable, side to it too: FOMO induced addiction. You can only post once a day, you can only see that day's posts if you have posted, and you can only take pictures in app. This is a mechanism to keep you hooked in to the app.

With Frankli, we want to move past both the touched-up, edited content on today’s social media and the addictive, dopamine-feeding mechanisms that existing social media use to keep you hooked. Instead of FOMO as a driver for content creation, Frankli lets you capture authentic and proven pictures and videos at any time. We use blockchain technology and 3-D depth technology to verify that the media on our platform is unfakeable. What (and when!) you use this superpower is all up to you!

We predict that in 2023

  • AI tools will continue to disrupt creative industries

  • We will see a rise in deep-fake influencers

  • Deepfakes will become nearly indistinguishable to human captured media

  • Authentic social platforms will continue to rise in demand as traditional social networks become too fake and noisy

  • Oh.. and Frankli will launch its realvolution 🚀🚀


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