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Be Our Campus Ambassador

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Frankli is on a mission to give everyone the tools to tell their truth. Our proof-centred social app enables users to create media content that is verifiably real. No filters, no deepfakes, no edits, not a single bot... just original content.  


Social apps are currently designed to give you a dopamine response at whatever cost. They care more about mining your data than making the experience fulfilling. We want to help social get back to the basics: sharing with friends, learning about the world and seeing what’s really out there. 


Authenticity is not a gimmick, it's a technology. 


We use blockchain technology and clever cryptography developed at the University of Cambridge to build user ownership and transparency into the core of our platform.  Users take a picture or video through Frankli and we anchor it. The anchored picture or video (we call these a Frank) can’t be edited, ever (yes, even by you!).


Meaning it’s the most truthful snapshot of life that one can get.  

Who are you?

Our ambassadors are key advocates for a more authentic world. You will help us spread the word of the authentic social revolution, and be a part of the building process from day one.  


You care about healthy social; you understand the problems with existing platforms as a user of them. 

What you do? 

  • Be the Face:  Represent Frankli on your campus and across socials. Be the face and live the brand of the authenticity revolution. 

  • Contribute to product: Suggest features, we are building Frankli in the open – that means every suggestion from our ambassador must be responded to by our builders! 

  • Learn and Test: Join our beta testing program and be a part of building a new social revolution. 

  • Take ownership: We want you to take ownership of brand and growth. You are independent in how you choose to spread the word. You will have access to mentorship with our marketing and product team but you will be responsible for the great ideas. 😉  

  • Become a blockchain owner: The highest performing ambassador will be given ownership of a blockchain node thus ensuring true decentralisation. A blockchain owner has complete access to proof data and so is as equal a partner in Frankli as OpenOrigins itself. 

Perks and Rewards 

We want to make sure our ambassadors get both the learning experience and compensation necessary to represent us with passion. So, we are building a competitive package. 


  • One-to-One Training sessions and feedback with our team. 

  • Generous performance-based compensation.  

  • Performance based prizes including: Airpods, iPhones and all out nights out on us.

  • Chances to grow with our team.

  • If not with us, we will give you guidance in your future career hunt.

Onboarding Process

  • Applicants are asked to send us an up-to-date resume with a list of any student clubs and organizations you are involved with.  

  • If you are comfortable, please share your socials with us as well. 😊 

  • If you are a Frankli fit, you will be invited to a 30-minute interview with our Head of Outreach, Ari. 

  • If we think you’re a great match, we will arrange a follow-up to discuss details and get you ready to make an impact. 

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