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Fact Sheet - Frankli At A Glance


Frankli is a social app that uses technology to verify that all users are real humans and every post is authentic and unedited.

Current social suffers from big problems: increasing teen depression, negativity, fake news, and bots, but Frankli's technology, pioneered at Cambridge University, uses blockchain to prove the authenticity of every piece of content.

This makes Frankli the only social space online where users can be confident in the authenticity of the content they view. With the increasing sophistication of AI tools, Frankli provides an essential solution in the fight against fake content online.


Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, Founder & CEO

Matthew Pendlebury, Engineering Lead

Ainsley Fagerström, Head of Marketing


Ari Abelson, Head of Outreach

Read more about our Leadership Team here.


April, 2021


53-54 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 3HU, United Kingdom.


2.8m USD, Unbound Investors, Pre-Seed.


  1. No Bots: Only interact with people... you're less likely to get scammed and more likely to find connection. You can also be sure that what’s seen as popular is actually popular and not bot-farmed.

  2. No Fakes, No Catfish:  We are the only platform on earth that can actually proactively verify all of our content... and that means we are the only platform on earth that is prepared for the generative A.I. revolution. You know the content on Frankli is original content created by people.

  3. No Touch-ups: Frankli is all about authenticity. Instagram-face (the hyper-edited and smoothed aesthetic popular on Insta) is correlated with teen depression, anxiety and increased demand for cosmetic procedures. We don’t let edits get in the way of life.

  4. 3-D: We go a step further, giving users 3-D data on all their content... walk into the pictures your friends take. As a neat side effect, this also helps keep deepfakes off of Frankli.

  5. Citizen Journalism: Being believed is surprisingly complicated... right now, every source needs to be verified, their content needs to be validated through personal connections or via costly fact checking steps. Frankli will revolutionize citizen journalism and activism. It helps everyone prove their story, for free. Prove your grassroots causes, prove copyright claims, prove what you're seeing is happening to anyone anywhere in the world.


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