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Life doesn't need fakes.

Social built for humans only:
no AI, no bots, no filters, no fakes.

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Frankli is on a mission to give everyone the tools to tell the truth.


Our proof-centred social app enables users to create media content that is verifiably real. No bots, no filters, no fakes... just original content made by real people.


We want to help social get back to the basics: sharing with friends, learning about the world and seeing what’s really out there.

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Authenticity is not a gimmick, it's a technology.


We use blockchain technology and clever cryptography developed at the University of Cambridge to build user ownership and transparency into the core of our platform.


Users take a picture or video through Frankli and we anchor it. The anchored picture or video (we call these a Frank) can’t be edited, ever (yes, even by you!).


Meaning it’s the most truthful snapshot of life that one can get.

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Julia Dawn

I love using Frankli and knowing that i’m seeing real, unaltered images! it is what social media should be about - connection and community.
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