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Frankli, a 100% authentic and inclusive 

social app for REAL people.

No bots. No filters. No fakes.

Frankli - a 100% authentic social app

Be yourself, unfiltered. 

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What's wrong with edited photos and beauty filters?

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Beauty filters and edited photos often give us an unrealistic and heavily edited version of ourselves, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with our natural appearance. This can cause us to compare ourselves to an unattainable standard and feel like we're not good enough.

Why should you use Frankli?

No filters

We keep Frankli filters-free because We know that we should let our natural beauty shine, not hide it with beauty filters.

No bots

We verify every account to make sure that they are not bots. No more misinformation, no more artificially inflating follower counts, engagement rates and creating a false sense of influence and popularity.

No ads

Frankli is a  no-ads social platform that can offer a more authentic and enjoyable user experience, free from the interruptions and manipulations of targeted advertising.

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Join our REALvolution

We are on a mission to create a REALvolution - a movement that makes social media more trustworthy and authentic. We firmly believe that a few people alone is not enough to bring about significant change. That's why we need your participation. Together, we can social media for good - no more bots, no more filters, and no more fakes.


Joining our REALvolution means using Frankli as your primary social network and spreading the word about the importance of being authentic online.


Come and join us on this journey. Together, let's make a real difference in the social media world.

Julia Dawn

I love using Frankli and knowing that i’m seeing real, unaltered images! it is what social media should be about - connection and community.
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